Valentines day was coming and I decided to buy one of the most important people in my life something awesome! I had my eye on Melt cosmetics eye shadow stacks before they were launched and since I love ME I bought one stack, the love sick stack. The shipping was super fast, I'm sure its because they ship from a city that's about 25 minutes away from me.I received an email notification within a few hours that they received my purchase info and my stack was shipped, provided a tracking number also. Very happy with the whole shipping process. The next day my stack was here, one day before Valentines Day, super excited but was hoping I'd get a cute lipstick key chain they randomly give out but no :sad face: Valentines day arrived and I tried 3 out of the 4 colors in the stack, I'm not a fan of the blue one, maybe I'm applying it wrong?  I'm not great at applying makeup but here's what I came up with:

I guess its not the greatest picture showcasing the eye shadows but I tried.  I used the red on the crease, the light pinkish/orangey on the lid and purple on the bottom lash line.
Have you purchased a stack? show me what you've done with it

Ive started my slim quick gummies and ill be updating my review on that.
Valentines day is tomorrow and I'm always excited for days I can celebrate in cute way with my kids and husband plus I like to buy myself things too because You have to love yourself right? lol
What are your planning on for valentines day?

Back in September I was on a mission to rid myself of ten pounds and I did it!
but I since then slacked off and gained 4-5 pounds again, this is not ok. So I'm back in the gym and changing my eating habits again, I love sugar smh now I'm going to incorporate a little help. Have any of you tried this before? let me know your experience and if you have not tried it there's a coupon for you

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Who says birthday parties at sky zone can only be for children?
My husbands birthday was this past Tuesday and I wanted to celebrate with him somewhere he would have fun but so would our kids. Mission accomplished! They all enjoyed themselves, they jumped their little hearts out. My husbands best friend came with us and they had a small competition at the basketball court and in dodge ball.