About The Blog

My dear friend at Raised By Culture encouraged me to start blogging again, Ive done it befoe but it was years ago and fell off. It sounded like fun so I went for it. The hardest par for me was finding the perfect name for my blog. I knew my blog was going to be about My family, Make up and Me but what to name it?? My husband Nathan and I threw names out and the one that stuck was one of the ones he mentioned.
I'm not sure if he said "on your heels" because he was playing Madden NFL at the time lol and he was chasing after the ball but I liked it.

For me it meant being a mom, wife, role model, etc etc and doing it in heels. I don't wear high heels often though lol it was more a figure of speech, handling every thing in life like a DAMN LADY, looking composed while doing it and staying alert. I love shoes, of course and that also fits in to what my blog is about, fashion, make up and such.

I want to be more! A better mom, wife, person. I,  like many people, want more money so I want to have a job that I love, so I want to take classes to help me out in that area. I have to stay on my heels to get all this accomplished.

I hope you kind of get the gist of what I meant the name of my blog to be. If you have any question feel free to ask and I'll answer :)


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