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Recently I've been trying to master the art of contouring and highlighting
I like how Shayla does it and over at her youtube channel, she shows you the steps she takes.

She uses products I dont have but doing a search on contouring palettes I found Sleek Makeup face contouring kit and saw good reviews. I took myself to and looked around, found tons of things I want but havent looked into reviews on any of their other products, have you tried any?
Well prices are not bad at all and shipping is cheap so I'm placing a small order. Another good thing I saw was that they have samples of the foundations they offer, how great!?

I like bright colored eyeshadows so when I saw these iDivine pallets I placed them in my shopping bag

sadly these pallets cant get shipped to the USA because some of the ingredients they use eek :x
Any of you shopped sleek before?? tell me your experience and what you bought
I follow a few pretty ladies on Instagram that show off their lovely makeup and make me jealous but recently I added two new girls that have a haircut I liked enough to try it out for myself:
this is the lovely Christina @makeuplovelife85

Lovely Charlene @char_bleezie
I loved the cut and since my husband is a barber I decided to go for it
and the outcome:
My husband and I loved it, a few of my friends liked it also but have noticed this a Love it or Hate it cut, not much in between, I've been called crazy a few times already lol