Pretty in Pink?

I recently wanted to start wearing lipstick and blush so I went ahead and bought a few E.L.F. blushes of course! I bought 4 but the one pictured was the brightest pink.
Pink Passion
Last month I had a bridal shower and one of my friends gave me a gift card to MAC, which I loved. I headed to the MAC store at the mall and told the lady there I wanted a bright pink lipstick that went well with my skin tone, she said this was a good one
Lipstick: Pink Nouveau                     Blush: Gentle             
Well I was happy my purchases until I was telling my mom about them and she said she heard a make up artist say bright pink tones don't go well with dark skins :(
I ignored it and though "it depends on how you wear it".
Well yesterday I was looking through my tweeter feed and saw this:
"i love black women..but yall gotta leave that chalky ass super pale pink lipstick alone. 
it looks ridiculous. so ridiculous"
I'm not black, I'm  latina but I get confused very often as being black so when I read that I took it as shes talking about me! lol I didnt ask her anything about it, maybe she meant a specific color? but it made me think twice about the lipstick I just bought.

Did I make a mistake with what I bought? is bright pink not ok for dark skins?
what do you think??

These were my inspiration, I hope it looks as good as this
Or better yet like this 
I'm sure it wont look like Riris because the shade I purchased doesn't look similar but I'll play with my make up soon and post pictures of my look so I can get some feedback.


  1. oooooh I LOVE that looks so pretty! I think us darker gals can pull off a cute pink color, as long as it's put on the right way, the right shade. No are no rules as long as it looks GOOD! Just tone it down to what looks best on YOU! Hope you do a look soon...I wanna see! :D

    1. WIll let you know when I do it so you can give me feedback

  2. I love that blush! I'm going to check it out on my next MAC trip!

    1. I liked it too, I felt purdy with it on