Lippie Calendar/ Pumpkin Patch

Tomorrow is the start of my 30 days of lipstick at Shuttercal.  Ive been having trouble with the site, I dont know if its just me but Hopefully it will work out in time. If you decide to join me let me know so I can share the link to your calendar. I'm excited to start but going through my lipsticks I noticed I bought a gold one from NYX that you might be able to spot towards the bottom of the picture. Wondering how weird thats going to look and if I'm even going to able to pull that off, I'm going to have an find inspiration pictures. I'm not sure what my next 30 days of make up will focus on but if you have any ideas feel free to share and participate with me

My sons school had a small pumpkin patch at his school, parents were invited to come visit while the class was the decorating the pumpkins. I was surprised I was the only parent there, the other adults pictured were volunteers and JayCens teacher. I thought JayCen would be soooo happy to see me. I was wrong he noticed me but was so much more entertained with his pumpkin and friends. My other kids didnt do this growing up, I'm happy they did this at his school.

They were only there 30 minutes but I'm sure in a 4 year olds brain that was long enough.


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