Disneys Secret of The Wings

I'm such a homebody but this past weekend I decided to take my niece and step daughter to a fairy event at Westfield West Covina Mall. The girls entered a chance to win the dvd which will be out October 23, 2012. There was face painting and fairy tattoos. The girls also colored and received a cute fairy gift, which I cant tell you what exactly it is because they wouldn't let me see them, maybe they thought I was going to take it? but it is pictured below to the left of my step daughter...

My step daughter coloring

My niece posing

Face painting with Arianna

face painting with Serai
The boys headed off to who knows what part of the mall while the girls and I enjoyed our time but they returned to join in the fairy fun...

Jayden getting his hand painted
Jaycens coloring

Everyone getting tattoos, the weirdo in the back is husband, Nathan.

Before we left we got free passes to the screening of the movie on October 13,2012 at Edwards SouthGate 10:00 am but the movie is in spanish and the only one that understands spanish is me. Havent decided if I'm taking them anyway but we had fun


  1. this looks like you had a blast! love it!

  2. Makes me wish that I was a kid right now :)
    Love the pictures
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