Rental agreement signed and I'm putting our clothes in boxes, due to move in Wednesday.  They actually will be giving us the keys Tuesday and they let us move some of our stuff in then but cant officially move in until Wednesday, we are very happy around here.

Within the past 2-3 months Ive become a super ELF fan, Ive bought a few things from them here and there before but recently I have had boxes sent to me from their company, its hard not to go crazy buying from them. They recently put out new jumbo eyeshadow pens and jumbo eyeliner pens, bought a few and will do a review in the coming weeks. Also I had to buy the new tone correcting foundation primer, cant wait to try that out.

I opened a YouTube account to which I will do some vlogging from but that also will take some time, until I'm settled into our new home. I want to share with you my newest youtube MUA: Shayla Mitchell. I hope she uploads tons of videos because I want to learn so much from her!

On a sadder note, we all know about the tragedy that happened in CT on Friday morning. I heard about it after dropping my kids off at school. I dont know too many details about what happened because I chose to stay away from my TV. I didnt want to let myself feel the hurt, the anger and sadness from such a horrible thing specially while knowing my kids right at that second were in school themselves, two of which are 5 and 6. I do know that when it comes to mind, and its still very often I pray for the family of the ones that were taken in such a horrible way. Truly I pray for them
Its that time again, Thank you for all you ladies that are a part of this regularly and welcome to the NEW.


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I'm soooo happy we will be signing our move in contract tomorrow and moving to OUR new place on the 19th. Now I'm off to pinterest to pin tons of things I wish I could afford lol but hopefully get a low budget ideas. Target and Ikea will definitely be on my shopping trips as I start making it our home. Speaking of target, I was over there picking up who knows what and saw they have a Hello Kitty Lighted Vanity Mirror, that I have to have! I'm guessing the light wont be great but its Hello Kitty! I would link you to it but its not on the target website but here's a picture of it:
Hello Kitty Lighted Vanity Mirror - Pink
Any of you happen to have this?
I took a picture of it and sent it to my husband as part of my christmas list lol Who knows, I might actually get it? If my santa doesnt get it for me I will pick it up for myself, but it will be mine
I'm going insane, my family and I have been living with my sister and mom for about a year and
I HATE IT! That's my family and I have love for them but I cant wait to hear "you can move in" from the apartments we recently applied to. Its a pretty sure thing that we're in there but I wont be 100% until I get a date to move, which we should know in a few days. As a matter of fact I was told we should be able to move in and get settled by Christmas, and THANK GOD for that. So in preparation to move I recently canceled my gym membership because once we're somewhat settled in
I'm starting Insanity again!
When I was living SOLO at my apartment I started this workout but didn't finish since I ended up missing a lot of days when I went to Vegas with friends...

GOOD TIMES were had.

I had a love/hate relationship with this workout
I loved it! I was really able to notice a difference in my muscle tone within a month, I felt great and though I didn't loose too much weight I noticed my clothes was fitting loosely. I was proud of myself for even doing the workout everyday and I was very pleased to see the sweat pour. Another thing I loved was I didn't need to buy any equipment and the workouts weren't too long or boring
I hated it because it made you WORK, it made me realize how out of shape I was and I actually would cuss the instructor on my tv out, in my mind though cause I couldnt catch my breath enough to talk lol It  truly made me ache but that could easily go in the love category.

Did you ever do this workout? did you finish? see results?

So happy to be a part of this  blog hop, Thank You for coming by to check me out and leave a comment or 
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Ive been told I'm hard to shop for, I guess I'm a little picky? Anyway I dont know if husbands actually listen to what we want, I'm new in the marriage game, so this year I decided to make a Christmas list for Nathan and now I'm sharing it with you.
I didnt ask for a lot and I'm not expecting to get it all either but its a list of things I've had my eye on that I'd LOVE. I know whatever Nathan gets me is something he put alot of thought into so I'll be happy with whatever it is anyway.  As far as my family, I usually know what I'm getting for Christmas from my mom and sis also because they ask lol so I told my mom I want a Sephora gift card and told my sis I want these:
Yes I'm old and still like Hello Kitty. Do you make list anyone? do they usually work out??