My Christmas List

Ive been told I'm hard to shop for, I guess I'm a little picky? Anyway I dont know if husbands actually listen to what we want, I'm new in the marriage game, so this year I decided to make a Christmas list for Nathan and now I'm sharing it with you.
I didnt ask for a lot and I'm not expecting to get it all either but its a list of things I've had my eye on that I'd LOVE. I know whatever Nathan gets me is something he put alot of thought into so I'll be happy with whatever it is anyway.  As far as my family, I usually know what I'm getting for Christmas from my mom and sis also because they ask lol so I told my mom I want a Sephora gift card and told my sis I want these:
Yes I'm old and still like Hello Kitty. Do you make list anyone? do they usually work out??


  1. Love the burgundy purse!

  2. Amazon wish lists are lifesavers! You can add items to it from other sites, prioritize them, add comments, etc. Just takes a few minutes to set up the button that allows you to add items from anywhere online. I add to and edit mine all year- definitely helps my husband out! :)

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