I'm soooo happy we will be signing our move in contract tomorrow and moving to OUR new place on the 19th. Now I'm off to pinterest to pin tons of things I wish I could afford lol but hopefully get a low budget ideas. Target and Ikea will definitely be on my shopping trips as I start making it our home. Speaking of target, I was over there picking up who knows what and saw they have a Hello Kitty Lighted Vanity Mirror, that I have to have! I'm guessing the light wont be great but its Hello Kitty! I would link you to it but its not on the target website but here's a picture of it:
Hello Kitty Lighted Vanity Mirror - Pink
Any of you happen to have this?
I took a picture of it and sent it to my husband as part of my christmas list lol Who knows, I might actually get it? If my santa doesnt get it for me I will pick it up for myself, but it will be mine