I'll be posting about the process I go through while attending my makeup artistry certification. I registered for this course at a local college near my home in California, I was happy when I found it since it was way cheaper then the schools that I previously looked into that cost over $1,000.
The website says:
The Makeup Artistry Certification program consists of six classes: Beauty Makeup and the 101 Basics; The Eyes Have It; Runway/Drama; Character Makeup; Bridal Bliss and Makeup in Review. All classes must be taken to receive a certificate of completion

I start my course April 21, 2013 and heres the list of supplies I will need:

Makeup remover wipes
Mixing palette/palette knife
Makeup sponges, sponge applicators, mascara wands, tissues
Various makeup brushes
Makeup pencil sharpener
brush cleaner
Foundations (various from light to dark)
Concealors (light to dark)
Pressed or loose powders (various colors or invisible)
Eye shadows (mostly matte)
False lashes and adhesive
Tweezers, scissors, eyelash curler, 
hand sanitizer, hair clips
Various lip (nude shades preferred), eye, and eyebrow pencils
Lipsticks (warm and cool colors)
Mascara (black)

Its not listed here but a makeup case will be needed also. Ive made the purchases, most of which have been online so I have packages coming and thats fun, right? That will start the "What came in the mail" series on my blog, so stay tuned to see what came and I'll share cost and where I got it from also. Excited.
I ordered myself two things last month, my own treat for Valentines Day...
 One of the boxes is a phone for my son and in the other two packages

I cant see myself spending $20 for a beauty blender but heard good reviews on SOHO London beauty sponge, and of course Kim Kardashian made Ben Nye the go to highlighting setting powder so I had to buy them and  try it out.
Have any of you tried either of these? Whats your opinion?

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I know I haven't really updated in awhile but Ive been doing a few things here and there trying to find something to do with my life.

In my previous "Am I too old: Makeup artist" I was debating on becoming a makeup artist, since I felt like I might be too old (hence the title). I  looked into Marinello and almost signed up but came across a course that was way cheaper but I had to buy my own supplies which was FUN! and since I'm just starting/practicing I didn't want to spend hundred$ on "practice" makeup. Anyway I will have more details to come on the process of all that I'm doing to get ready to take my course.

Now for some Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies....
I found the recipe over at TheFoodiesKitchen.com I found her blog to be fun and made me pretty hungry, as a matter of fact I'm hungry again. She got extra cool points for the Guatemalan recipes because I was born in Guatemala and remember grandma hooking it up with plenty of delicious recipes the girls have posted.
The recipe was pretty simple to follow, not hard at all
Adding the strawberries
If you are a baker you might have noticed something already and this is why my husband is the cook around here lol