Makeup School and Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

I know I haven't really updated in awhile but Ive been doing a few things here and there trying to find something to do with my life.

In my previous "Am I too old: Makeup artist" I was debating on becoming a makeup artist, since I felt like I might be too old (hence the title). I  looked into Marinello and almost signed up but came across a course that was way cheaper but I had to buy my own supplies which was FUN! and since I'm just starting/practicing I didn't want to spend hundred$ on "practice" makeup. Anyway I will have more details to come on the process of all that I'm doing to get ready to take my course.

Now for some Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies....
I found the recipe over at I found her blog to be fun and made me pretty hungry, as a matter of fact I'm hungry again. She got extra cool points for the Guatemalan recipes because I was born in Guatemala and remember grandma hooking it up with plenty of delicious recipes the girls have posted.
The recipe was pretty simple to follow, not hard at all
Adding the strawberries
If you are a baker you might have noticed something already and this is why my husband is the cook around here lol
I took the guesstimating route on making this batch of cookies and that means my cookies were
NOT a hit lol

You can taste the baking soda and the mix was way too runny so when I went to put the dough on a cookie sheet this happened:
lol I'm going try this again and will be measuring the correct way this time around.
Definitely a cooking fail


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