I'm A Christian and I want to donate

Yes I am a christian, I'm not a perfect one and I don't practice my religion regularly, sadly, but I TRY. I repented and accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior in 2007 and since then I've been so much more content with everything and everyone in my life. I used to be so very angry and depressed but my God, my faith helped me turn that around. This post isnt about me trying to turn you or sway you to be what I am but to tell you where I stand and lead into this: as a christian you're supposed to tithe and I haven't in very long time and thats sad! but I also belive that tihing doesnt always have to go the church you attend. You're supposed to give 10% of the money God has blessed you with and its been on my mind to return to this and I shall! except, since God has blessed me with the pennies that pay rent, car, insurance, food, clothing and all the extra miscellaneous things
I plan to giving my tithes as a donation to different foundations, the small ones that seem like they'll actually use it for what they say its for, so if you have or know of any foundations I can donate to please comment with a link, Thank You!


  1. Hola Ms Day!
    Just as I promised (on your Cherry Jubilee post), here is the link on a very inspiring story that you may just want to donate to:



  2. Thank you, will definitely take a look