As mentioned in my previous post I've had to cut back in blogging since I've started working and going to the gym but recently my internet was cut off and now we are waiting for another provider to connect our internet and cable. Recently also, I broke my phone

I bought a new one and while downloading my apps I decided to look for a blogger app and there it was, now I can post from my Droid while I wait for my internet connection. My post won't be long or in too much detail but a little is better than nothing right?

Sorry I've been M.I.A. but I recently joined a gym, started working and also
planned to take over the world.
I'm excited to say that my first makeup class starts this Sunday! I bought everything I need and put it in a cute case, which I'll be sharing pictures with you. My birthday is also coming up and I have something planned for that....

I'm having trouble with my computer and cant seem to get the info for our TOTB but all the info is located in the previous post, so please look around.

I promise I'll be updating again very soon :)
I'll be posting about the process I go through while attending my makeup artistry certification. I registered for this course at a local college near my home in California, I was happy when I found it since it was way cheaper then the schools that I previously looked into that cost over $1,000.
The website says:
The Makeup Artistry Certification program consists of six classes: Beauty Makeup and the 101 Basics; The Eyes Have It; Runway/Drama; Character Makeup; Bridal Bliss and Makeup in Review. All classes must be taken to receive a certificate of completion

I start my course April 21, 2013 and heres the list of supplies I will need:

Makeup remover wipes
Mixing palette/palette knife
Makeup sponges, sponge applicators, mascara wands, tissues
Various makeup brushes
Makeup pencil sharpener
brush cleaner
Foundations (various from light to dark)
Concealors (light to dark)
Pressed or loose powders (various colors or invisible)
Eye shadows (mostly matte)
False lashes and adhesive
Tweezers, scissors, eyelash curler, 
hand sanitizer, hair clips
Various lip (nude shades preferred), eye, and eyebrow pencils
Lipsticks (warm and cool colors)
Mascara (black)

Its not listed here but a makeup case will be needed also. Ive made the purchases, most of which have been online so I have packages coming and thats fun, right? That will start the "What came in the mail" series on my blog, so stay tuned to see what came and I'll share cost and where I got it from also. Excited.
I ordered myself two things last month, my own treat for Valentines Day...
 One of the boxes is a phone for my son and in the other two packages

I cant see myself spending $20 for a beauty blender but heard good reviews on SOHO London beauty sponge, and of course Kim Kardashian made Ben Nye the go to highlighting setting powder so I had to buy them and  try it out.
Have any of you tried either of these? Whats your opinion?

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I know I haven't really updated in awhile but Ive been doing a few things here and there trying to find something to do with my life.

In my previous "Am I too old: Makeup artist" I was debating on becoming a makeup artist, since I felt like I might be too old (hence the title). I  looked into Marinello and almost signed up but came across a course that was way cheaper but I had to buy my own supplies which was FUN! and since I'm just starting/practicing I didn't want to spend hundred$ on "practice" makeup. Anyway I will have more details to come on the process of all that I'm doing to get ready to take my course.

Now for some Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies....
I found the recipe over at I found her blog to be fun and made me pretty hungry, as a matter of fact I'm hungry again. She got extra cool points for the Guatemalan recipes because I was born in Guatemala and remember grandma hooking it up with plenty of delicious recipes the girls have posted.
The recipe was pretty simple to follow, not hard at all
Adding the strawberries
If you are a baker you might have noticed something already and this is why my husband is the cook around here lol

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Recently I've been trying to master the art of contouring and highlighting
I like how Shayla does it and over at her youtube channel, she shows you the steps she takes.

She uses products I dont have but doing a search on contouring palettes I found Sleek Makeup face contouring kit and saw good reviews. I took myself to and looked around, found tons of things I want but havent looked into reviews on any of their other products, have you tried any?
Well prices are not bad at all and shipping is cheap so I'm placing a small order. Another good thing I saw was that they have samples of the foundations they offer, how great!?

I like bright colored eyeshadows so when I saw these iDivine pallets I placed them in my shopping bag

sadly these pallets cant get shipped to the USA because some of the ingredients they use eek :x
Any of you shopped sleek before?? tell me your experience and what you bought
I follow a few pretty ladies on Instagram that show off their lovely makeup and make me jealous but recently I added two new girls that have a haircut I liked enough to try it out for myself:
this is the lovely Christina @makeuplovelife85

Lovely Charlene @char_bleezie
I loved the cut and since my husband is a barber I decided to go for it
and the outcome:
My husband and I loved it, a few of my friends liked it also but have noticed this a Love it or Hate it cut, not much in between, I've been called crazy a few times already lol


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I went out with a friend for some drinks sometime last month and while I was out my husband asked me to pick him up vanilla bean cheesecake from TGIF
I took a bite of it of course and loved it! He said this was his favorite cheesecake and with his birthday coming up I figured why not attempt to make it myself?!
This was me Saturday January 19 lol

There were three different things to make in this cheesecake
-The Vanilla cheesecake itself
-Vanilla Bean Mousse
-Vanilla Bean whip cream

I did an ok job with the cheesecake and the whip cream but the Vanilla bean mousse was a failure this time around, I might try making them again but not for some time, until then I'll just go buy some lol its faster and tastier for the moment.
I LOVE makeup, I've looked into going to schools to learn more techniques but the cost has been too much for me. This is something I really want to do and recently saw that Marinello is offering
MakeUp Artistry courses and they have financial aid available

 I figured this would be great for me except lately I've been doubting this step. I follow some great MUAs on instagram and youtube and noticed  most of them are in their twenties, I'm about to be 33, am I too old? Is it too late for me? should I figure out another path for money making?
It doesnt hurt to look into the program courses they offer but I think I need to get out of this funk that makes me think my age would work against me.

Nathan and I want to have a baby but in 2007 I had my tubes tied, actually I believe my tubes were cut and sealed. I'll have to talk to my OBGYN a little more to find out the exact procedure, since there is different Tubal ligation Methods.

 In 2006 My second son(JayDen) was born with hemophilia, Him and I went through a lot of hospital stays, heart ache and pain because of it but in 2007 I was pregnant again. In any pregnancy I have there will be a 50/50 chance that my male children could be born with hemophilia, so when I learned my 3rd pregnancy  was also a male I made the choice to get my tubes tied, I didnt want to keep going through what JayDen and I had been through again, I dont want that for my children either.

2010 I meet Nathan and in 2011 We were married! Yes it was fast but its worked out very well for us. He has a child and I have 3 kids from previous relationships but we would love to have our own so Ive done some research:     cost:$3,490                     cost: $3,650
We will be visiting both of these places and finding more information about the process and actual cost but we are excited! I'm scared, since its surgery again and I hate needles PLUS I'm terrified of labor, its very painful lol My last delivery was c-section and that was so much more painful than a vaginal birth. 
I'm 32 with 33 knocking at my door, I think I'm still in a good age range for baby making but since itll take time before we save up for this baby I wonder how much longer I have before I just cant do it? or its risky, I hope it works out sooner than later because my crazy ass bought a diaper bag and a monkey bouncer already lol


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Shopping ELF website again and picked up a few things:
-Mineral infused face primer in green, which is supposed to be a tone adjusting
-Waterproof eyeliner crayon in purple
-Makeup remover pen
-Free gift card to use on my next purchase yay

Face Primer

Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick from right to left: Movie Star, In the Nude, Flirty & Girly, Pink Umbrellas

Right to left: Movie Star, Pink Umbrellas, Flirty & Girly, In the Nude

Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick "Like A Boss"

Top  "Like A Boss", "Feeling Lucky", Check Me Out"

The purple on the left is the Waterproof eyeliner crayon, the purple on the right is the Jumbo eyeshadow stick. Top right down: "Check Me Out", "Bali Bound", "Like A Boss", "Feeling Lucky" and "Check Me Out" again.
I havent used any of these yet but when I do I will update my thoughts on them. Have you purchased any of these? use them? whats your review?

Ive been meaning to do this post for 2 months already. My online friend at sent this cute clutch to me back in November as part of her "30 days of creativity"

Every day for the month of November she sent out a handmade craft of hers to the first 30 people that replied on her website, why?


How great is she?! She always makes really cute things, I actually bought an awesome tote from her AWHILE back:
 I still use this tote to this day, I love it!

Visit her shop to see what shes been working on
follow her on instagram @topstitchdotorg

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A very long time ago I was introduce to the wonderful cake made by Maison Richard French Bakery that goes by the name of Auteuil - Chocolate Truffle and Raspberry Puree. This is the best cake Ive ever had in LIFE! I love it and I'm soooo happy this bakery is not near me because I'd buy a cake at least once a week and I hate it because this bakery is not near me lol Now I need you help, I'm no baker but I'm willing to try and bake things on occasion, Like the strawberry cheesecake I made on Christmas eve that I had request to make it again recently
It was no biggie but my family liked it, next cheesecake on plan n making is a vanilla bean since my husbands birthday is coming up and that was his request.
BACK to me needing you, this is the cake I love:
Best I ever Had

The cake had slightly melted and I started digging into it already but thats the cake I need help baking
 I have no clue where to even start, can any of you tell me what is it and how to put it together? recipe? I might just take a guess myself and hope for the best. Wish me luck
Ive never been t IMATS and wont make it this time around, I actually don't know too much about it other than its makeup heaven, right? I do hope to make it to visit at least once in the coming years, maybe even next time theyre in LA. Did you know they have an app you can download to your phone?
From IMATS site:

Plan your time at IMATS Los Angeles 2012 with show information at your fingertips:

-Exhibitors With Show Specials
-Exhibitor List
-Speakers and Events
-Floor plan
-Hotel and Travel
-Social Networks

With the “My Show” feature, you can add favorite classes and exhibitors, take notes and customize your schedule so you won’t miss a class. Use “Here & Now” to pinpoint where you are on the show floor and see what booths are nearby. The Exhibitor List is searchable by category and name, and you can view the classes by speaker name or by stage.

IMATS Los Angeles App
Are any of you going? I'm jealous

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I know ive been slacking on posting but I think we are about 90% settled in our new place, so now I'm back to say Happy New Year and lets make this one better than the last!

Let me show off a little of my Christmas goodies, if you follow me on instagram youve seen these but if not here ya go:

I got a few other things, they were Hello kitty related, like floormats for my car, pjs, and yoga pants.
The best part is we were all together with my, mom sis, all the kids but then came home and were together with our family, alone!