Help me Bake a cake

A very long time ago I was introduce to the wonderful cake made by Maison Richard French Bakery that goes by the name of Auteuil - Chocolate Truffle and Raspberry Puree. This is the best cake Ive ever had in LIFE! I love it and I'm soooo happy this bakery is not near me because I'd buy a cake at least once a week and I hate it because this bakery is not near me lol Now I need you help, I'm no baker but I'm willing to try and bake things on occasion, Like the strawberry cheesecake I made on Christmas eve that I had request to make it again recently
It was no biggie but my family liked it, next cheesecake on plan n making is a vanilla bean since my husbands birthday is coming up and that was his request.
BACK to me needing you, this is the cake I love:
Best I ever Had

The cake had slightly melted and I started digging into it already but thats the cake I need help baking
 I have no clue where to even start, can any of you tell me what is it and how to put it together? recipe? I might just take a guess myself and hope for the best. Wish me luck

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  1. I'd love to learn how to make cheesecake, loving that maison cake looks delicious!