Am I Too Old? Part 2: MakeUp Artist

I LOVE makeup, I've looked into going to schools to learn more techniques but the cost has been too much for me. This is something I really want to do and recently saw that Marinello is offering
MakeUp Artistry courses and they have financial aid available

 I figured this would be great for me except lately I've been doubting this step. I follow some great MUAs on instagram and youtube and noticed  most of them are in their twenties, I'm about to be 33, am I too old? Is it too late for me? should I figure out another path for money making?
It doesnt hurt to look into the program courses they offer but I think I need to get out of this funk that makes me think my age would work against me.


  1. I am in cosmetology school and we have students in their 50's! Do what you love. 33 is not old at all. However, I am not sure what it is like where you live, but in Tennessee most MUA's end up working in department stores. Maybe look into getting your esthetician license as well? You can make major bank in a salon doing that.

    1. Well that makes me feel better, I guess its never too late to learn. I'm not sure what an esthetician does but I'll look in to it, thanks.