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Tomorrow is the start of my 30 days of lipstick at Shuttercal.  Ive been having trouble with the site, I dont know if its just me but Hopefully it will work out in time. If you decide to join me let me know so I can share the link to your calendar. I'm excited to start but going through my lipsticks I noticed I bought a gold one from NYX that you might be able to spot towards the bottom of the picture. Wondering how weird thats going to look and if I'm even going to able to pull that off, I'm going to have an find inspiration pictures. I'm not sure what my next 30 days of make up will focus on but if you have any ideas feel free to share and participate with me

My sons school had a small pumpkin patch at his school, parents were invited to come visit while the class was the decorating the pumpkins. I was surprised I was the only parent there, the other adults pictured were volunteers and JayCens teacher. I thought JayCen would be soooo happy to see me. I was wrong he noticed me but was so much more entertained with his pumpkin and friends. My other kids didnt do this growing up, I'm happy they did this at his school.

They were only there 30 minutes but I'm sure in a 4 year olds brain that was long enough.
I dont usually enter giveaways, anywhere, I just always feel I wont win so why try?
Well I dont know what made me change my mind last week but I entered a few and won most of them. I haven't been working this past month so some of these these come in handy because my youngest birthday is in November and Christmas is coming up. I'm hoping to win some more but I appreciate what I've got so far.

First giveaway:
I won Jake and never land pirates DVD at Raised By Culture, this will be given to JayCen on his birthday, he will love it.

Second giveaway:
I Can Be President Barbie
 I loved this Barbie, what a great way to show girls they can be anything great. I won this giveaway at Time to Play Mag. I'm excited to give this to my step daughter for Christmas, I believe I'm getting the African American barbie which I'm glad about.

Third giveaway:
Next thing I won and totally loved was also at Raised By Culture, its a Framed Wu-Tang Clan Vintage Mashup. I loved what the kids are singing, so clever. I made sure to do my best everyday to win this giveaway, thats how much I wanted it lol
Click here to see it at Raise by Culture

Fourth giveaway:
Was from If Curves Could Talk, I read Stefs blog reviews about the mask that she uses and have been interested in them. I never use facial masks but when I saw she was giving away 3 Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Themed Gift Pack I figured this will be a great start at trying them out, luckily I won. Expect a post about these with a review.


Thank you to everyone, I appreciate it, cant wait to get the goodies!

I drove by this park for months on my way to drop off one of my kids to school and never noticed there's a skate area, actually my son hadn't noticed either till recently. He kept asking to take him so I did, He loved it and came home to tell his younger brother. Now I had two little ones begging to go, took them both and they loved it. I liked it too because it wore them out! Now they're asking me for skate boards, I'm glad Christmas is around the corner.


 Of course someone had to get hurt, sucks that it was my hemophiliac baby, adding pads and helmets to the  Christmas list.
JayDen and JayCen

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I have lipsticks Ive never used, some never even swatched! I might have some that aren't opened.
Am I the only one? Do you have any you haven't used??
Well I decided to change that, even if I only wear them once, they will be used! I joined Shuttercal and decided to wear a different shade of lipstick in my stash every day in the month of November and I will be sharing that picture with you. Let me know if you decide to do the same or we can do it with something else a different month. I'll post the pictures to the left of my blog, be on the lookout for it. 

Last post I talked about wearing pink blush and pink lipstick and how I  heard it just doesn't go well with my skin tone :/
Lipstick: Pink Nouveau                     Blush: Gentle 

So I had to try it on and now I need to know what you think, yay or nay?

I mainly focused on the lips with my camera so I had to go back and take a picture of the blush with my cell camera, which isnt the greatest but here it is:
I have yet to learn how to contour so dont mind how I apply blush. Let me know what you think, does it look ok on me? or should I leave it

What I used

Last post I shared my new Avon lipsticks, this is me with Cherry Jubilee on

It stayed on longer than I thought it would, even after a few kisses with my honey 
but he did end up with red lips. 
You like?
Ill try oxford wine next and MAYBE next time i'll even smile.
Next thing I  plan on buying is bhcosmetics 88 neutral palette
I posted about going to the Indian Pow Wow at San Manuel Casino but I'm sorry to say we didn't go since gas prices are ridiculous lately, we had to skip it. I believe there's one coming up in Long Beach, CA next month, hopefully we'll make it to that.

Ive always loved eyeshadow and I'm no make up artist (yet) but Ive played with and bought eyeshadow before trying to learn a few things. I haven't played with make up in almost a year because I've gained weight and moved to an uncomfortable place so I haven't been happy with  myself for awhile BUT Ive started going to the gym and hoping we get to move soon, we need it. The one thing I've always wanted to wear and never really did was lipstick. I don't know what shades would work on me and what shades to wear that will go with what color eyeshadow. I picked up an Avon book from work and ordered these 3 shades:

All are from Avon.
The pink one is wink, the dark red is cherry jubilee and dark purple is oxford wine
I haven't worn any yet but I might make an effort this weekend.
Mini rant about these lipsticks, its not about Avon but about my ex Avon representative, I ordered these lipsticks, lip liners, eye liners, and some earrings back in April, I received the earrings within 2 weeks but I just got these lipsticks last week and still waiting on my eye liners.
 Never ordering from her again!

Yes I am a christian, I'm not a perfect one and I don't practice my religion regularly, sadly, but I TRY. I repented and accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior in 2007 and since then I've been so much more content with everything and everyone in my life. I used to be so very angry and depressed but my God, my faith helped me turn that around. This post isnt about me trying to turn you or sway you to be what I am but to tell you where I stand and lead into this: as a christian you're supposed to tithe and I haven't in very long time and thats sad! but I also belive that tihing doesnt always have to go the church you attend. You're supposed to give 10% of the money God has blessed you with and its been on my mind to return to this and I shall! except, since God has blessed me with the pennies that pay rent, car, insurance, food, clothing and all the extra miscellaneous things
I plan to giving my tithes as a donation to different foundations, the small ones that seem like they'll actually use it for what they say its for, so if you have or know of any foundations I can donate to please comment with a link, Thank You!

Many moons ago, when I was forced to go on outings with my mom and sister, I was  dragged to an Indian Pow Wow. I LOVED IT, I remember hearing and loving the drums, the dancing was mesmerizing, the outfits were beautiful and being a teen I liked looking at the boys. Recently while listening to the radio I heard that San Manuel Indian Casino was having a pow wow and decided its my turn to drag my kids to it and maybe they just might fall in love or at least like it a little. I will definitely post pictures next week to share with you our outing.

         Have you ever attended a pow wow? where and what  did you think?
I've randomly bought eyeshadow palettes from ELF to give as gifts to friends but not till recently did I want to buy a palette for myself that I saw at Target, sadly they were broken up and it was all a mess so I didn't purchase it.  I went to a free smoky eye workshop at Rubys Makeup Academy and one of the girls said she uses the eyebrow kit that Elf sells, So I had to try it if a makeup artist recommends it. I picked up a few things that day to play with and liked the brushes, eyeshadows but loved the prices. I went home and got on line to visit ELF, saw they were having a mystery bag sale, I believe I spent a total of $20 maybe $25 and, with a code they provided, received a mystery bag full of ELF goodies:

Free Mystery Bag

This is what I ordered the first time:

I have yet to try any of this! But if you have anything youd like to see swatched or any questions about a certain product let me know and I'll be sure to to answer it asap.

Top picture from left to right:

I'm such a homebody but this past weekend I decided to take my niece and step daughter to a fairy event at Westfield West Covina Mall. The girls entered a chance to win the dvd which will be out October 23, 2012. There was face painting and fairy tattoos. The girls also colored and received a cute fairy gift, which I cant tell you what exactly it is because they wouldn't let me see them, maybe they thought I was going to take it? but it is pictured below to the left of my step daughter...

My step daughter coloring

My niece posing

Face painting with Arianna

face painting with Serai
The boys headed off to who knows what part of the mall while the girls and I enjoyed our time but they returned to join in the fairy fun...

Jayden getting his hand painted
Jaycens coloring

Everyone getting tattoos, the weirdo in the back is husband, Nathan.

Before we left we got free passes to the screening of the movie on October 13,2012 at Edwards SouthGate 10:00 am but the movie is in spanish and the only one that understands spanish is me. Havent decided if I'm taking them anyway but we had fun
I recently wanted to start wearing lipstick and blush so I went ahead and bought a few E.L.F. blushes of course! I bought 4 but the one pictured was the brightest pink.
Pink Passion
Last month I had a bridal shower and one of my friends gave me a gift card to MAC, which I loved. I headed to the MAC store at the mall and told the lady there I wanted a bright pink lipstick that went well with my skin tone, she said this was a good one
Lipstick: Pink Nouveau                     Blush: Gentle             
Well I was happy my purchases until I was telling my mom about them and she said she heard a make up artist say bright pink tones don't go well with dark skins :(
I ignored it and though "it depends on how you wear it".
Well yesterday I was looking through my tweeter feed and saw this:
"i love black women..but yall gotta leave that chalky ass super pale pink lipstick alone. 
it looks ridiculous. so ridiculous"
I'm not black, I'm  latina but I get confused very often as being black so when I read that I took it as shes talking about me! lol I didnt ask her anything about it, maybe she meant a specific color? but it made me think twice about the lipstick I just bought.

Did I make a mistake with what I bought? is bright pink not ok for dark skins?
what do you think??

These were my inspiration, I hope it looks as good as this
Or better yet like this 
I'm sure it wont look like Riris because the shade I purchased doesn't look similar but I'll play with my make up soon and post pictures of my look so I can get some feedback.
I know, we are just at the beginning of October and Ive already started my Christmas shopping?? I had to, because I love to give gifts, I love Christmas and I love making my kids happy. I noticed Walmart is doing Layaway for Christmas already also and I had to DO  IT! I have a hard time saving money, I know that's bad, So Walmarts layaway comes in real handy to me. I didn't go as crazy as I thought I would but I am very happy with the things I did pick up, though I'm missing a few gifts for other people still.

I don't have any girls of my own so I was lost at what to get my 8 year old step daughter, I dont know what they want now a days but while standing in the aisle full of Bratz and Monster High Dolls I asked another mother how old her daughter was and was this the "In" thing for girls, she said "Oh yes! I don't get it but my daughter loves it". Picked up a Monster High password journal that recognizes her voice only to unlock. 

JOurnal    $27.97

Monster High Color & Style Large Purse    $12.99

and a pretty pink vivitar 7.1 megapixel camera that she can carry in her new purse. Nathan sounded excited when I asked him if he thought it was a good idea to buy her a camera so I'm hoping Serai likes it also.
Vivitar camera    $29.00

Next is a gift for my 3 year old niece that spends her time dancing to "ballet" music playing in her head lol

Tutu Dress up         $19.97

For my 4 year old son, Jaycen, hes mommas boy <3
Gift #1    $21.97

Gift #2     $22.96
Jaycen tells me at least three times a day something about a power ranger, shows me his ninja moves or, recently, walks around with a Thor costume on all day. He loves Iron man too so of course I picked up The Avengers movie for him also. Cant wait to see his face!

 Jayden is 6 years old, he recently told me he wants a bike with only two wheels, I knew he meant he wanted the training wheels from his previous bike GONE. I picked up this mongoose bike for him, which I know hes going to love. Also picked up a helmet for safety and since hes a hemophiliac he needs it even more.
Mongoose bike    $97.97

I know the kids will love this stuff and I'm glad to have started getting all these toys already at Walmart.