Indian Pow Wow

Many moons ago, when I was forced to go on outings with my mom and sister, I was  dragged to an Indian Pow Wow. I LOVED IT, I remember hearing and loving the drums, the dancing was mesmerizing, the outfits were beautiful and being a teen I liked looking at the boys. Recently while listening to the radio I heard that San Manuel Indian Casino was having a pow wow and decided its my turn to drag my kids to it and maybe they just might fall in love or at least like it a little. I will definitely post pictures next week to share with you our outing.

         Have you ever attended a pow wow? where and what  did you think?


  1. I have been to an Indian Pow Wow - I think it was at Cal State Long Beach and it was when I was still in elementary (maybe even Jr. High) and I had so much fun! I think I should take the kids to one, thanks for reminding me, I'll keep an eye out for a closer one!

  2. Hey! Thanks for following me :) I am actually Native American and I used to dance in the Pow Wows. I was Pow Wow princess three times. I love them. Their so much fun and the music and food are always good. :)

    Rosie xo

    1. wow that's awesome! I haven't tried any food, will definitely do that next time.

      Thanks for following ;)