BH Cosmetics

I bought BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette about 3 weeks ago and just now got around to using it.
Its on sale for $10.77  right now, regularly $17.95. Here's the palette: 

Colors might be off slightly due to lighting

I use half the picture because the other eye looks lazy ;)

original picture
I love purple eyeshadow and I usually get more compliments when I do use purple. The eyeshadow is not very pigmented but then again I only used 3 colors from the palette, but it got the job done. I bought 2 other palettes from BH so I'll keep you posted on those. I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering more palettes from BH because the prices are good and with christmas right around the corner these would make great gifts.

P.S. I also got more compliments on my eyebrows this time around, I use ELFs Eyebrow Kit and a regular black pencil.

Have questions? I'll answer!


  1. love love love! you are beautiful!
    i haven't gotten around to buying from BH, but i do have some Coastal Scents palettes...i will have to check them out.


    1. Thank you :) I havent tried any coastal scents but I hear good things