Moving, having my cake and not eating it

I used to live in another city alone with my kids but once I met Nathan (my husband) things had to change, specially when it came time to get married and live together. I could tell you my Melrose Place drama of a background but we'll save that for another day. Anyway we ended up moving in with my mom, which we appreciate but are now completely over it! Hoping to finally move within a few months, I've set a date! I/we cant be our own family while not being on our own. The hard part is finding something good within our budget and making sure the kids will be in a good area and a good school district or at least not too far from the school district they're in now. God willing it will all work out as I'd like for  my family.

September 15 Nathan and I had a vow renewal of sorts, will explain later also. Today we remembered we had cake in the fridge that's in the garage, its been in there quite awhile so we had to throw it out, I was sad about it because the pink champagne cake was delliiiciiouss.
The bottom tier is red velvet, which was also good. I'll have to order another pink champagne cake just to celebrate me ordering a pink champagne cake. I know the picture is so bad, it was taken from my cell.


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