Am I Too Old? Part 1: Baby Making

Nathan and I want to have a baby but in 2007 I had my tubes tied, actually I believe my tubes were cut and sealed. I'll have to talk to my OBGYN a little more to find out the exact procedure, since there is different Tubal ligation Methods.

 In 2006 My second son(JayDen) was born with hemophilia, Him and I went through a lot of hospital stays, heart ache and pain because of it but in 2007 I was pregnant again. In any pregnancy I have there will be a 50/50 chance that my male children could be born with hemophilia, so when I learned my 3rd pregnancy  was also a male I made the choice to get my tubes tied, I didnt want to keep going through what JayDen and I had been through again, I dont want that for my children either.

2010 I meet Nathan and in 2011 We were married! Yes it was fast but its worked out very well for us. He has a child and I have 3 kids from previous relationships but we would love to have our own so Ive done some research:     cost:$3,490                     cost: $3,650
We will be visiting both of these places and finding more information about the process and actual cost but we are excited! I'm scared, since its surgery again and I hate needles PLUS I'm terrified of labor, its very painful lol My last delivery was c-section and that was so much more painful than a vaginal birth. 
I'm 32 with 33 knocking at my door, I think I'm still in a good age range for baby making but since itll take time before we save up for this baby I wonder how much longer I have before I just cant do it? or its risky, I hope it works out sooner than later because my crazy ass bought a diaper bag and a monkey bouncer already lol


  1. I'll be 34 soon and we don't even have the 1st one out yet.. so I better not be too old :)
    x, Lara

    1. How many do you want? My husband wants 3 more smh lol THATS not happening