Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

I went out with a friend for some drinks sometime last month and while I was out my husband asked me to pick him up vanilla bean cheesecake from TGIF
I took a bite of it of course and loved it! He said this was his favorite cheesecake and with his birthday coming up I figured why not attempt to make it myself?!
This was me Saturday January 19 lol

There were three different things to make in this cheesecake
-The Vanilla cheesecake itself
-Vanilla Bean Mousse
-Vanilla Bean whip cream

I did an ok job with the cheesecake and the whip cream but the Vanilla bean mousse was a failure this time around, I might try making them again but not for some time, until then I'll just go buy some lol its faster and tastier for the moment.

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