Christmas shopping at Walmart

I know, we are just at the beginning of October and Ive already started my Christmas shopping?? I had to, because I love to give gifts, I love Christmas and I love making my kids happy. I noticed Walmart is doing Layaway for Christmas already also and I had to DO  IT! I have a hard time saving money, I know that's bad, So Walmarts layaway comes in real handy to me. I didn't go as crazy as I thought I would but I am very happy with the things I did pick up, though I'm missing a few gifts for other people still.

I don't have any girls of my own so I was lost at what to get my 8 year old step daughter, I dont know what they want now a days but while standing in the aisle full of Bratz and Monster High Dolls I asked another mother how old her daughter was and was this the "In" thing for girls, she said "Oh yes! I don't get it but my daughter loves it". Picked up a Monster High password journal that recognizes her voice only to unlock. 

JOurnal    $27.97

Monster High Color & Style Large Purse    $12.99

and a pretty pink vivitar 7.1 megapixel camera that she can carry in her new purse. Nathan sounded excited when I asked him if he thought it was a good idea to buy her a camera so I'm hoping Serai likes it also.
Vivitar camera    $29.00

Next is a gift for my 3 year old niece that spends her time dancing to "ballet" music playing in her head lol

Tutu Dress up         $19.97

For my 4 year old son, Jaycen, hes mommas boy <3
Gift #1    $21.97

Gift #2     $22.96
Jaycen tells me at least three times a day something about a power ranger, shows me his ninja moves or, recently, walks around with a Thor costume on all day. He loves Iron man too so of course I picked up The Avengers movie for him also. Cant wait to see his face!

 Jayden is 6 years old, he recently told me he wants a bike with only two wheels, I knew he meant he wanted the training wheels from his previous bike GONE. I picked up this mongoose bike for him, which I know hes going to love. Also picked up a helmet for safety and since hes a hemophiliac he needs it even more.
Mongoose bike    $97.97

I know the kids will love this stuff and I'm glad to have started getting all these toys already at Walmart.