Avon Lipsticks

Ive always loved eyeshadow and I'm no make up artist (yet) but Ive played with and bought eyeshadow before trying to learn a few things. I haven't played with make up in almost a year because I've gained weight and moved to an uncomfortable place so I haven't been happy with  myself for awhile BUT Ive started going to the gym and hoping we get to move soon, we need it. The one thing I've always wanted to wear and never really did was lipstick. I don't know what shades would work on me and what shades to wear that will go with what color eyeshadow. I picked up an Avon book from work and ordered these 3 shades:

All are from Avon.
The pink one is wink, the dark red is cherry jubilee and dark purple is oxford wine
I haven't worn any yet but I might make an effort this weekend.
Mini rant about these lipsticks, its not about Avon but about my ex Avon representative, I ordered these lipsticks, lip liners, eye liners, and some earrings back in April, I received the earrings within 2 weeks but I just got these lipsticks last week and still waiting on my eye liners.
 Never ordering from her again!


  1. Damn why did it take so long to get your order? My mom is an Avon representative so I always get stuff from her but since we live so far apart now I just order online from the website. I don't go through a rep, lol. The website is faster.

    1. I'm sure it was the rep that held up the process for so long, I probably just order online next time too