It was my lucky week

I dont usually enter giveaways, anywhere, I just always feel I wont win so why try?
Well I dont know what made me change my mind last week but I entered a few and won most of them. I haven't been working this past month so some of these these come in handy because my youngest birthday is in November and Christmas is coming up. I'm hoping to win some more but I appreciate what I've got so far.

First giveaway:
I won Jake and never land pirates DVD at Raised By Culture, this will be given to JayCen on his birthday, he will love it.

Second giveaway:
I Can Be President Barbie
 I loved this Barbie, what a great way to show girls they can be anything great. I won this giveaway at Time to Play Mag. I'm excited to give this to my step daughter for Christmas, I believe I'm getting the African American barbie which I'm glad about.

Third giveaway:
Next thing I won and totally loved was also at Raised By Culture, its a Framed Wu-Tang Clan Vintage Mashup. I loved what the kids are singing, so clever. I made sure to do my best everyday to win this giveaway, thats how much I wanted it lol
Click here to see it at Raise by Culture

Fourth giveaway:
Was from If Curves Could Talk, I read Stefs blog reviews about the mask that she uses and have been interested in them. I never use facial masks but when I saw she was giving away 3 Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Themed Gift Pack I figured this will be a great start at trying them out, luckily I won. Expect a post about these with a review.


Thank you to everyone, I appreciate it, cant wait to get the goodies!


  1. Congrats on your wins! You're indeed a lucky person.