Ive been gone for a small time but finding an apartment is hard work. Its fun but its also disappointing, finding something great within a budget is a task. We found great apartments but they were in a bad area or upstairs. The downstairs apartments weren't spacious enough for us but we will be applying for one soon that will work out for us even if its not exactly what we wanted, sometimes we have make do with what we have and since our goal was to move in a spacious apartment and the kids to be safe we are doing good. 
Since thats taking up some time i've neglected the lipstick calendar and I feel bad about that but I'll restart it again but in January once we've moved.

In other new... my youngest turned 5 in November and we had a small party for him, just family. He loved it! JayCen actually had two parties since his dad lives LA and he goes to visit him during the weekends, I guess thats a perk for Jaycen lol His dad had a power ranger party for him and I had a Spiderman party, per his request. Heres pictures:

Power Rangers mask for all and the fun begins
Tres leches cake was delicious

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